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    Breaking the monotony and continue to take care of yourself...

    ORIGINALLY POSTED: Apr 4, 2017 3:42 PM

    I am big on self-care, as you can see in previous posts. I think you are an essential part of your life and you need to honor yourself, daily. We are busy, I get it. But there are different things you can do to enrich your life and break up your routine.  I am the resource queen. If you need information, I usually have an email I can forward to you and I am deeply embedded in a (mental) health network and have a plethora of resources. I come across different things and I really enjoyed this article on daily activities that you can do to improve your life, today! I am all about things being easy, quick, effective, and comfortable. I will highlight some of the items listed, a review of this article, if you will…

    • Make eye contact with people you encounter.

    This is important because making eye contact allows you to connect with the person you are talking to. People want to feel validated and listened to, eye contact is one of those non-verbal cues that confirms to the other party that you are present. There are other things you can do to show an active interest, like reflective listening – paraphrase and make sure you understand what is said.

    • Say please and thank you

    Not many people use their manners these days. I always try to remember to say please and thanks, even after the fact. I want to treat people the way I want to be treated; being polite is one way to create this exchange with the rest of the world and me. I have heard the saying, or something similar, that preaches being kind to strangers because you have no idea what people are going through.

    • Have you called your grandma lately?

    When I read the part about making time to talk to your friends and family, I immediately tried to recall the last time I called my grandma. No one makes phone calls these days, it’s all about texting, messaging, or emailing. The art of talking on the phone has been forgotten and it’s pretty amazing. When I can talk on the phone with someone for an extended period of time, it allows for a deeper connection rather than trying to decipher tone in the written word. Good luck with that and just make a phone call, grandma would appreciate it.

    • 5 minute kitchen cleaning party

    I loathe dishes, but I know they need to get done. I try to make it a habit to clean up right after I make a mess/dinner so that I don’t have dishes piled up in the sink. A “clean as you go” method is something I learned from my parents and from working in restaurants. It’s a great idea but I am human and I have a busy schedule, so for the times when I am not as diligent I use something my grandmother taught me. It’s called “Pieces of 8” and it’s genius. She was a genius J My grandmother hated doing the dishes and would break this chore down into pieces of 8 and wash 8 dishes at a time. She would do 8 dishes during the commercial breaks (this is pre-DVR or Netflix) and continue to watch her show and return during the breaks. I think that we want to tackle daunting tasks and since it’s so overwhelming, we surrender to defeat without even trying. This is where my genius grandmother comes in with her “Pieces of 8” to change the game and our lives. “Pieces of 8” is a suggestion, make this idea yours and do what works for you… Maybe you do 7 items or 3 at a time and you do this between shows or projects to help you complete discouraging tasks. #yourewelcome

    • What are your goals and dreams?

    I liked the suggestion of writing down your goals to help you manifest and take action. I am not a writer, despite this blog, but there is something to adding intention to help you meet your goals and dreams. You’re putting it out there, declaring your dreams and making your way to celebrating your achievements. Writing them down is just one step on your journey to help you map out your plan.

    I have just highlighted a few of the things mentioned in this article and I hope you find it as interesting and inspiring as I do and make some changes to break up the monotony and live a fulfilling, happy life.




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