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  • Essential Oils

    ORIGINALLY POSTED: Feb 23, 2016 9:22 PM Have you ever really tried using essential oils? I used to maintain a distance from these smells due to not wanting to create a headache. I have found that these oils actually work on the contrary. There are so many different kinds of oils that can treat your ailments. Ironically, the same oil I was once afraid of is now one of my "go to's" to treat headaches and stress. There is nothing to fear when it comes to applying these remidies to common physic…


    Self-care at work!

    ORIGINALLY POSTED May 12, 2016 1:06 PM What are you doing during the day to take care of yourself? Are you being present? Can you feel your toes right now? We are all guilty of it. I do this for a living and I need to remember to be more mindful. Here are some quick tips: 1. Breathe. You don't have to do anything special and you are already breathing. Taking in a long, deep breath will allow you to drop down into your body, just for a second. Deep breathing can kick start your parasymp…

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